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What’s new?

If you have not noticed already, the installment of our new Feedback system is in place.  Please take the time to review a product that you purchased. Feedback helps us fix issues and improve the quality of the products.

Homework Mountain is moving our daily deals from the front page to the Coupon page. There will be a variety of daily coupons to choose from in this location. On the Coupon page you will be able to subscribe and receive even more savings by being a subscriber to Homework Mountain. Having a subscription will allow you to receive customized products, catalogs, and many other offers that can save you time and money. Check it out!

Homework Mountain has a large amount of products and sometimes it can be difficult to find what you need. If you need help with anything feel free to contact Felicity using the New Work Form. She will get back to you quickly. Have a great day!


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